Applying for a Grant is Easy!

Who is eligible for the Grant?

  • Non-Profit Corporations
  • Local Municipal Departments, including parks & recreation, child services and similar departments
  • Minnesota Schools, grades K through 12

Non-Profit Corporations and Local Municipal Departments must complete theGrant Applicationand theGrant Budgetfiles.

Schools must complete the School Application file.


  • Completed grant applications and related documents are to be e-mailed (not mailed) to
  • All applications must be typed in the fillable form provided.
  • Handwritten applications WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Other requested documents, exhibits and pictures should be submitted via email as PDF, JPEG, Word or Excel files.

Deadlines and Notifications:

  • You may apply for a grant well in advance of the deadline. Do not wait for the last minute to apply! You may apply up to 6 months prior to your program start date.
  • All Applicants must meet the deadline schedule listed here.
  • Grants WILL NOT be awarded to programs that begin prior to the determination date.