How much is the license plate?

* $30 per year contribution
* $15.50 plate fee (one-time charge)
* Additional admin processing fees may be charged

Where can I purchase?

* The license plates are only available at Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) locations. There are a number of DVS facilities that have the license plates in stock. If they don’t, you will receive the plates in the mail.

Do I need to wait until my license plate tabs are expired?

* No, you do not. In fact, we encourage you to change plates before your existing tabs expire in an effort to fund our player development programs sooner.

Complete the Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010).

Can I personalize the plate?

* Not at this time.  Depending on sales levels, this may be possible in the future.

Who benefits from the donations?

* Proceeds raised through license plate sales help support programs by focusing on player development and access to the game of golf in the State of Minnesota.

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